Mini Animal Pendants


♡Brown Zebra Jasper Piggy♡
Good for courage and determination! Root chakra ☆ Pigs symbolise wealth and fertility♡

●Aventurine Frog●
Promotes compassion and diffuses negative emotions! Heart chakra ◇ Frogs often symbolise wealth and abundance ☆

♡Cherry Quartz Bunny♡
Cherry Quartz is the perfect healer for emotional wounds! ☆ Heart Chakra☆ Bunnies often symbolise abundance and good fortune!

☆Jade Ram☆
Jade protects you from harm and brings harmony to the wearer! Heart Chakra☆ Rams often symbolise bravery and new beginnings!

◇Mossy Agate Buffalo◇
Mossy Agate assists with tranquility and emotional balance! Heart Chakra☆ Buffalos can symbolise strength and unity.

■White Quartz Horse■
White Quartz absorbs and neutralises negative energy! Crown Chakra● Horses can symbolise determination!